The word 3G or 4G you always see when you use a smartphone. This is a communication standard, “G” means Generation.

What will happen if this becomes “5 G”? Not only does communication speed go up and comfortable, but life changes itself!


“Smart House” becomes common and living like a king realized

For example, the air conditioning equipment moves to be the optimum temperature for waking up in the morning and the curtain opens automatically when an alarm of an alarm sounds. Hot water boils and cooked rice is ready……. As if the butler takes care of personal belongings, the living life will penetrate through the technology.

The 5 G line can be connected to more than 10 times the terminal at a speed 10 – 100 times or more of the 4 G line at the same time. It is said to change the experiences accepted by IoT greatly than devices such as PCs and smartphones. All home appliances move remotely and automatically in conjunction with a sensor, one of the future where the smart of the home is also visited.

Check the inside of the refrigerator to display the recipe, or order the order as the remaining ingredients become less. During cooking, seasoning frying pan just right. If you watch TV, you can recommend programs on the axis of your favorite celebrities or display them with holograms. Furthermore, the smell of innumerable devices supports living, such as controlling the scent of the room according to the physical condition, “Sumaha” is more familiar!


Sports watching is aimed at athletes and referees

If a lot of devices are connected quickly, it will be possible to send images in real time from countless cameras. It became possible to enjoy sports watching with various viewpoints, it was possible to switch images taken with the referee’s eye line and player’s eyes.

If it is a sport where positions are clearly divided like baseball, it seems that the way you see it looks different at all. Some players may be able to play games remotely even if the players do not visit the venue.


I do not mind “time lag”! Experience the game in real

For example, a match game. Communication lag is a very important factor especially when the reflexes are questioned. Even if communication is delayed for a moment, winning and losing will be decided unintentionally. With 5 G, stable high-speed communication is possible, so even in games where multiplayer participates, it is excellent stability feeling.

Of course, VR will also evolve greatly. I still need a bigger device, but I can download data from the cloud to a small device such as a smartphone and enjoy it more closely. You will be able to enjoy the thrill of the extreme sport of life, safe and realistically, such as wingsuits fly with everything from high altitude.


The degree of freedom during traveling with a fully unmanned automatic driving vehicle is UP

Driving cars was mainly performed by humans while watching GPS navigation systems. Support functions such as automatic braking are also basically performed by sensors of the car body.

But this will change greatly with 5G. By integrating big data such as location information, traffic jam information, construction situation, surroundings and managing the network, the safe automatic operation is realized.

Especially in driving, a few errors also affect the crew’s life. The communication time lag is small, and 5G strong against simultaneous connection urges the development of automatic driving.

Recently, NEC has been collaborating with telecommunications companies and construction companies to conduct demonstration experiments on remote construction by construction machines utilizing 5G. It seems that it is expected to be useful in restoring natural hazards accompanied by danger, and the future where such technology is applied to general automobiles may not be far.


Advanced medical treatment can be received even on remote islands

Until now, even if it is a serious illness requiring surgery, if you live on a remote island or bedridden, it was difficult to go to a big hospital. However, with the introduction of 5G, if there is no time lag of remote operation, there is also the possibility of contributing to the improvement of the accuracy of the remote operation using the surgical robot.

In October this year, a demonstration experiment using 5G, which is the first in the domestic medical field, was also conducted. We connect with the Wakayama Prefectural University of Medical University affiliated hospital with the National Health Insurance Upstream Clinic located in the mountainous part of Hida Kagawa Town through a communication line and conduct diagnosis with high definition video.

Regardless of where you live, you will be able to receive equally high-quality medical care. 5 G is also a technology that saves lives.