Are you running a business and you would like a better way to track visitors to the business? With technology, there are several software that you can use specifically for this purpose. The visitor management application is hosted in a kiosk and when they come in, they register themselves. You will not require to have a receptionist to handle them. The beauty of this software is that it can be used by any company regardless of its size.

How does it Ensure Security?

Security is paramount taking into account the threats being faced today. The visitor management software has a watch list which it uses to verify the identification of the visitors. When the office receives a visitor for the first time, the system captures the information which helps with identification when they come back. The features of the system will depend on your plan but basically they are visitor logs, two-way communication with visitors, visitor badges and notifications.

·    SwipedOn

This is one of the most reliable visitor management systems you can have. Just like its name, one only needs to swipe their finger on it. It simplifies the check-in and out of visitors and in receiving them which enhances their experience in the office. Besides this, it improves communication between staff, tracks their movement and makes it easy to conduct a roll call whenever needed.

·     piLOBI

In commercial properties, hospitals, and offices, Biloba is a great option in tracking the guest experience. With its web-based advanced registration platform and automated digital reception, this product enhances guest experience once they register until they exit including their locations and how long they stick around. During the registration, they capture the face of every guest which is good for security purposes. In addition to this, depending on permission the visitor management tool gives, it restricts access to some parts of the building or property.

·     TouchPoint

For security management, check-in and check-out, contractor management, appointment scheduling and notifications, in hospitals, residential apartments, hotels, and multi-tenancy buildings, TouchPoint makes an excellent option. When it comes to visitor appointments, this visitor management system does a great job of approving, modifying, rejecting or rescheduling. The concerned team will only need to create visitor passes based on the badges provided by the system.

For easy visitor management, it’s advisable to get a visitor management tool that will make this possible. Thanks to technology as there are several of them that you can choose from.