The automotive industry has seen car removal companies like this one gain momentum. Their strategy is simple. Acquire an unused and no longer wanted vehicle from the current owner at a low cost. Then recycle the scrap metal and or sell any valuable parts as second hand. It is the advancements in recycling technology that has made this practice achievable.

Before scrap metal recycling plants became easily accessible, old vehicles were left to rust away in scrap yards. Still to this day this occurs but with advancements in transport and recycling methods it is now cost effective to transport these older vehicles to a facility where they can be stripped, sorted and selected metals melted down and refined ready to be reused.

Advancements in Technology

Recycling technology has taken leaps and bounds in recent years, and rightfully so. Without recycling we would soon bury ourselves in non-reusable waste. But there is still a long way to come yet.

Burning of fossil fuels and use of non-renewable energies is polluting our planet to the brink or beyond repair. While many politicians and large corporations claim global warning is fake news, the reality is that mankind is taking over this planet and having a massive damaging impact. If we do not change our ways we will destroy the very planet we need to survive, and no matter how many times someone says climate change does not exist it won’t make a difference when they realise they were wrong.

Can The Young Generation Repair The Damage?

As a parent you normally want to provide and care for your children. No parent wants to bring a newborn up in a dangerous neighbourhood which is unsafe. However with our current direction of the worlds consumption and pollution the world’s natural environment is becoming more dangerous every single day.

While it is an unfortunate burden we are placing on the current and future generations, hopefully through our advancement ins education and technologies the newer generations can create better ways to recycle and save our environment. Not for us, but for them and their children.

Current Advancements In Progress

The good thing is this is already taking place. Recycling of dangerous plastic bottles is being used in many applications from building bricks for houses to creating roads for vehicles.

Ideas that have not been previously thought of are making progress quicker than ever with the speed of communication via the internet and mobile phones.

So good news is their is a glimmer of hope that with the current advancements in recycling technology and manufacturing processes we can reduce our waste and reverse the damage caused.